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"So…we're…brothers…" Yen Sid just got done trying to explain it all to me, but I'm having trouble making sense of this all. I guess Sora would be an awesome brother to have, but…hmm…

"Yep, cool huh?" I'm glad that Sora can still smile given the circumstances.

"Yeah sorta, but uh…" I look over my shoulder to…my parents. The bodies are still there, but I haven't gone over, and I don't plan to. I…I don't know…I'll…I'll figure out something.

"Hey, look what I found. I think one of them is for you!" I turn back to Sora. He has this weird thing in his hand. It's kind of like a heart, but it looks like one of those stupid keychains that we've found. That one from the pyramid was pointless, I'm not even sure if I have that thing anymore. I may have gone and given it to one of those shopkeepers…oh well.

"Oh…thanks…" I leave it in his hand for a while.

"Don't worry, look, it makes a cool Keyblade unlike that one from the pyramid." Wow, that is a cool Key, at least if this one does the same thing.

"Where did you get this?" I flip the heart over in my hand a couple of times. It's almost like stained glass with a red half and a blue half.

"I found them when I was trying to rescue you." Sora's smile is huge. I nod before calling out my own Keyblade and attaching the new chain to the end. As that bright light fades, my blade looks a lot like Sora's, except where his is red, mine is blue and where mine's red, his is blue. Wow, this is a lot heavier than the others. Man, no wonder people don't go adventuring very often, it's tough stuff.

"Can I see it?" I turn to Ven who's been standing with the others. I didn't think he was even paying attention, not that it matters or anything. I look at Sora. Well, I guess that shrug meant sure.

"Okay, here Ven!" I toss the small object toward him. That's weird.

"Huh, it doesn't do anything to mine." Ven tries it a couple of more times, but nothing happens.

"Here, lemme see." That Vanitas, well I guess Van, kid sticks his hand out for the chain.  That must be just how he is, since Ven just gives it to him. "Nothing."

"Did you go and break it?" Roxas steals it from Van's Keyblade. "Okay, maybe not then."

"I believe I have a solution. Because that item was forged in Tobi's heart by Sora, it appears that only they are able to access its power." I like the way this Yen Sid talks. It's cool, not that I can understand what he's saying, at least at first.

"So what are we going to do now? We have most of the artifacts, and Xehanort…" I take one last look at my parents' bodies. I…I can't believe they're gone. I need to…I need to keep going.

"I don't know Aqua…I'm not sure where we've got to go." I look to the floor for a second to try and gather my thoughts. It's the hanging gardens, but I don't know where they were. If I remember right, it hasn't even been found yet, so I don't know.

"Where're we going?"

"I don't know where the thing is!"

"I meant what are we looking for?" Oh, I guess I shouldn't have yelled at him for that then since he wasn't around for that.

"Sorry, Vanitas, I'm just…it's just…well…"

"Come on, where are we going?"

"The Hanging Gardens of Babylon."

"Which were…" okay, this is a bit annoying. I don't need to be walked through a conversation.

"One of the wonders, but this one hasn't been found. Babylon was in Iraq." I can't believe they're gone. Just like that…

"Can you find out anything else about it? Logan? Logan…are you okay?"

"Huh? Oh, um…yeah…yeah I'll be okay. What did you say?" I look back to Ven rather than the floor.

"Can you find out anything else about it?" I actually pay attention this time.

"Well…all my stuff is back on the other side of all that water…"

"Oh, well let me take care of that!" What's he…that was weird. What did he do? Wow, we're back on the other side. "Here you are."

"Um…thank…you…" I lean down to my backpack, which is now right at my feet. Let's see, book, paper, plane tickets, blah…blah…ah, here it is my phone. Cool, it gets 3G even under here. "Okay, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon…may be purely legendary. Awesome…"

"So, what are we supposed to go looking for if it's a legend?" I can't tell if that's Ven or Roxas in this light.

"Well, hold on just a sec…uh…Ven…"

"Nope, it's Roxas."

"Sorry…anyway, it says nothing about it has been found, but there is this theory or person thing that says it might be under the river. I guess it's moved a lot since then, and I guess most of one side of the city hasn't been found. That might be our best bet." I use the little bit of light from my phone to look at everyone.

"So, let's go!" Terra turns to leave. I guess we're going then.

"It seems as though you are well on your way. Good luck, the worlds rest upon your shoulders." Okay, so Yen Sid might talk cool, but he's not good with the whole motivation thing.
Sorry this took so long! I've been wicked busy with finals :XD: Well, here it is! Unfortunately, since the last chapters have been really plot heavy, this chapter doesn't have much, but we're getting to the end. That means that everything is really going to be picking up pace. So, I hope you stay on for that, I promise you won't be disappointed. Please leave lots of feedback! And if there's anything you want me to fix or add, let me know! Thanks everyone!!

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Yeah...I don't have a reason for that, but you're right. They should have reacted more. I'm not sure why I didn't have them do that because that should've been a very realistic reaction. Oops! :XD:
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